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Medieval rockstar

The last page of a medieval book is usually a protective flyleaf, which is positioned between the actual text and the bookbinding. It was usually left blank and it therefore often filled up with pen trials, notes, doodles, or drawings. This addition I encountered today and it is not what you’d expect: a full-on drawing of a maiden playing the lute, which she holds just like a guitar. A peaceful smile shines on her face. I love this rockstar lady, so unexpectedly positioned at the end of the book, trying to catch the reader’s attention as he is closing it.

Pic: London, British Library, Sloane MS 554 (more here).


Cher & Gene $immons in a Mike Douglas Show promotional photo(1979)


Cher & Gene $immons in a Mike Douglas Show promotional photo

(via dub9dope)


CDs are taking over and it seems like a marketing scam to make all of us replace our entire LP music collection. ☯91JUN

The Bug — Angels and Devils (Ninja Tune)


It’s hard to brag about the condition of the world right now but harder to argue that not much has changed in the world over the last six years. When Kevin Martin presented London Zoo in the summer of 2008, the cauldron of aughts poisons was boiling over. The half-dozen dancehall MCs who took turns at his microphones narrated visions of trigger-happy bosses and a surveillance state. Martin’s backing was like a fleet of machines, sometimes serving as rolling podium for their tracts, sometimes armored bulldozers closing in on their trenches. The record felt like combat, with Flowdan and Warrior Queen fending off Martin’s assault vehicles and Tippy Ire and Spaceape fighting as they got tangled in the treads.

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